Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker 2017

There is a difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. This difference is none other than the durability of the two. Although smartwatches are also resistant to a lot of stuff, a fitness tracker is something that is even more resistant and comes with a greater durability. Dust, water, and moisture are the main components that would come in contact with your fitness tracker. A lot of the times a fitness tracker is marketed as water resistant, but is still not the one you can use while swimming. If you need the one using which you can jump in the pool and take a few laps, you need one that is entirely waterproof.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker
A completely waterproof fitness tracker is submersible and has been completely sealed, which is what will make it resistant to water for long periods of time. Although almost all the fitness trackers are marketed as waterproof, what needs to be checked is, for how long can they be kept in contact with water. This can be determined on the basis of the rating on the device. A rating of 3 ATM, means it is ideal for a depth of 100 feet. Whereas a rating of 5 ATM means, it can go as deep as 164 feet. This is more than enough not just for a swimmer, but also for a professional diver. Apart from being waterproof, there is a lot that a fitness tracker can be and and measure. Select the one with maximum options.

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