Best Sleep Tracker 2017

Apart from measuring our heart beat and fitness, it is also essential to track our sleep, which is why using a sleep tracker is important. Although a lot of sleep trackers can measure activity as well, measuring sleeping patterns is more important, because that is the time we are unconscious and cannot measure it ourself. Through this device we can know the time we sleep the deepest and at what time we don’t, this can help us improve our habits and develop a routine where we can get a better sleep. A lot of the people suffer due to lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns, thus using a sleep tracker is very important.

How to Choose the Best Sleep Tracker
A sleep tracker does not necessarily have to be the one with a monitor which you need to be wearing while sleeping. So much of nearness to gadgets while sleeping is unhealthy, so opt for the one which you can keep at some distance and still use it for monitoring the sleep. Decide whether you want only a sleep tracker, or the one which can track other activities as well. It is advisable to opt for a multi – utility gadget.

Narrow down on the features you want to be there in your sleep tracker. Do you only want it to track your sleep, or do you also want it to list factors which disturb your sleep. Opting for one with features like weather monitoring, sound monitoring, etc will cost you more.

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